This week’s media roundup

This week’s media roundup

Libya again led the news agenda last week as the search for Colonel Gaddafi goes on and the fallout continues from the overthrow of a regime that ruled the country for more than four decades.

Sport also featured prominently last week with news on the final days of the British football transfer window coming second while Mo Farah’s historic gold medal at the World Athletics Championships placed in the top five.

For the week ending Sunday 4 September, the following number of articles were written in mainstream media according to

  • Libya continues to dominate, 639 articles (including Gaddafi, 528 articles; Lockerbie, 119 articles; and Yvonne Fletcher, 84 articles)
  • The British football transfer window closed, 379 articles (including Gary Cahill, who didn’t move, 179 articles and Mikel Arteta, who did, 110 articles)
  • Continued worries about the health of the Eurozone economy, 248 articles
  • Abortion, as Nadine Dorries and Frank Field move an amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill, 107 articles
  • Mo Farah, gold medallist in the 5000m at the World Athletics Championships in Daegu, 105 articles


There was also a number of celebrity stories that were given plenty, some would argue too many, centimetres in the national press.

  • Madonna, previewing her film on Wallis Simpson 79 articles vs Nurse Rebecca Leighton, after charges relating to the deaths of patients at Stepping Hill hospital were dropped, 40 articles
  • The return of Simon Cowell to British TV with gameshow ‘Red or Black’, 59 articles vs a u-turn on the expensive Edinburgh tram network plans, 56 articles

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