This week’s media round up

This week’s media round up

A row over calendars erupted as the legal team behind Abu Qatada launched a last-minute appeal to the European court of human rights over the decision to deport their client to Jordan.

The debate arose after home secretary, Theresa May, announced that the deadline to contest the decision had passed on Monday whilst Qatada’s lawyers argued that it had in fact expired on Tuesday.

As the week progressed, global attention switched to Bahrain and the controversial Formula One grand prix scheduled to take place in the island state. A number of commentators including Labour leader, Ed Miliband, voiced the view that the race should be cancelled in light of ongoing anti-government protests responsible for the cancellation of the 2011 race.

Despite continued protests and a petrol bomb attack on the Force India team the race went ahead as planned with German driver Sebastian Vettel sealing the victory.

Elsewhere, Anders Breivik went on trial in Norway charged with ‘destroying the basic functions of society’ after his attacks in 2011. In France the final days of campaigning before the first round of voting in the Presidential election passed with Francois Hollande widely tipped to take the lead in the contest.

In France the week played host to the final days of campaigning before the first round of voting in the Presidential election.

For the week ending Sunday 22nd April the following number of articles were written in mainstream media according to

The headlines:

The overlooked stories:

Celebrity versus serious:

Political movers:

Ed Miliband’s appearance in third place with a 39 per cent increase in coverage can be attributed to his opposition to the grand prix and his concern over the case of Abu Qatada.

Comfortably in the lead this week were cabinet colleagues Theresa May and Ken Clarke who were both embroiled in discussions about the deportation of Abu Qatada and Lords reform. These two stories secured them coverage increases of 162 and 256 per cent respectively.

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