This week’s media round up

This week’s media round up

The winds of change swept through this week’s media agenda in a number of ways. After a number of media storms it was a meteorological one which made the headlines with gales peaking at 165 mph causing substantial amount damage and destruction in Scotland.

In Russia, widespread demonstrations broke out over concerns about the transparency of the 4th December legislative elections, with many commentators branding the protests as the beginning of a ‘Russian Spring’… in the winter.

A post-dinner discussion in Belgium was the unlikely setting for this week’s leading story with prime minister David Cameron opposing EU treaty changes that were tabled in a response to the eurozone crisis. Despite its timing at the end of the week the sheer scale of coverage guaranteed the issue wasn’t caught short in its attempts to reach the top spot.

For the week ending Sunday 4th December, the following number of articles were written in mainstream media according to


Now we look at the celebrity news that has over shadowed more “serious” stories:


This week’s big political mover achieved the title this week by virtue of what he was, or perhaps more accurately wasn’t, doing in the early hours of Friday morning whilst European leaders were meeting in Brussels. His response and subsequent toing and froing secured Nick Clegg a 115 per cent increase in coverage from last week which equated to a considerable 266 articles.

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