This week’s media round up

This week’s media round up

The race to become London’s next mayor stepped up a gear as tensions between the two leading candidates, Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone, grew. After a number of intense debates the conflict reached new heights after a heated confrontation in a lift where the incumbent was accused of launching a four-letter rant at his opponent.

Full-time controversy magnet and occasional footballer Mario Balotelli was behind the headlines for three completely different reasons. His week began with a tabloid confessional about his relationship with an escort, his second in as many weeks, which he followed up by crashing his £140,000 Bentley before rounding off by being sent off in his team’s match against Arsenal on Sunday.

His antics join an already overflowing catalogue of incidents since his arrival from Inter Milan in 2010.

Elsewhere, a hosepipe ban begins in the South East to conserve limited water supplies, a number of commentators voice their concern about government plans to monitor personal communications and the anniversary of the Falklands War passes as diplomatic relations remain frosty.

For the week ending Sunday 8th April the following number of articles were written in the mainstream media according to

The headlines:

The overlooked stories:

Celebrity versus serious:

The political movers:

Third place goes to the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, with a 58 per cent increase after plans to monitor phone and email conversations are announced (152 articles).

Michael Gove takes second place with a 124 per cent increase in column inches (94 articles) after a number of teachers’ unions outlined their plans to strike in the same week the education secretary launched a scheme to hand control of A levels to Russell Group universities.

Marching into the lead this week was Brian Paddick, the Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate whose 823 per cent increase in coverage (120 articles) could be attributed to the simple fact that he isn’t called either Boris or Ken.

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