This week’s media round up

This week’s media round up

Elections dominated this week’s headlines with major votes taking place in France and the UK. Across the channel, the last days of campaigning in the French presidential election concluded with François Hollande emerging the victor with 51.63 per cent of the vote.

Closer to home, local elections across the the UK saw a swing of political momentum. The Labour party managed to scoop 823 new seats but missed out in the key race of the London mayorship. After a close first round vote, Boris Johnson secured another four-year term at City Hall, defeating his rival Ken Livingstone by a narrow margin of 62,538 votes.

The week also saw the conclusion of another race as Roy Hodgson was unveiled as the next England football manager ahead of bookies’ favourite Harry Redknapp. The Football Association’s decision was heralded by The Sun with a typically contentious front page headline of “BWING ON THE EUWOS” making light of Hodgson’s speech impediment.

For the week ending Sunday 10th May the following number of articles were written in mainstream media according to

The headlines:

The overlooked stories:

Celebrity versus serious:

Political movers:

The leading candidates in the London mayoral race snap up the two runner-up positions this week, but in reverse order to how they emerged from the polls. In third place was eventual election winner, Boris Johnson with a 117 per cent increase in coverage (328 articles) he was eclipsed by his Labour counterpart Ken Livingstone with a larger increase of 138 per cent (250 articles).

Leading the way this week however, was Tom Watson, with a 169 per cent coverage increase (150 articles), for his role in the Culture, Media and Sport Committee which published their report on phone hacking this week. Watson made his way into the headlines for his resolute defence of the report such as the eyebrow-raising claim that Rupert Murdoch was “not fit” to run an international company.

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