5 ways junior doctors are winning the PR war with the government

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Junior doctors have been in conflict with the government over plans to impose a new contract they fear will extend their hours and cut their pay. We take a look at five ways the junior doctors are communicating their case effectively…

1) Strength in numbers

Since the start of the dispute between junior doctors and Jeremy Hunt, membership to the British Medical Association (BMA) has surged. The BMA claim that about 80% of the 5,000 new members who signed up between 26 September and 5 October are junior doctors. With total membership near 160,000, having the backing of a vocal union has been crucial in communicating their message that Hunt’s proposals are unsafe for patients and unfair on doctors. Just days after the Health Secretary announced some new concessions on the contract, over 2,000 medics and students responded with a letter demanding more.

2) Direct action

Junior doctors have already made their feelings known in public demonstrations, including a rally outside Downing Street. Some doctors wore their overalls, with stethoscopes around their necks, and carried placards to create striking images that the media could use to embellish their coverage. An online poll of over 6,000 junior doctors also found that 97% were in favour of industrial action, proving that strikes would be a very real threat. Read more …

Twitter and Brand Varoufakis: the PR strategy behind the ‘Greferendum’

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Greece’s thunderous ‘No’ vote sent shockwaves across Europe – but would it have been possible without a PR strategy? Syriza’s use of social media to dominate the conversation was a simple but effective way of delivering the desired outcome in the ‘Greferendum’.

The role of Yanis Varoufakis – Greece’s greatest “fall guy” since Icarus – cannot be understated. He appeared cool and unfazed throughout the crisis, infuriating Greece’s creditors and attracting public support.  The self-confessed “accidental economist” resigned this morning, safe in the knowledge that with the ‘No’ vote delivered, his task was complete. Read more …

Five steps for making your complex story fit for media consumption

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How do you turn complex and data-driven reports into easily-digestible stories that the media will pick up and run with?

It’s a dilemma that faces all PR professionals. At Journalista, we specialise in taking complicated material from a wide range of sectors including healthcare, education and business, and boiling it down into something the media can work with.

Just this week we’ve worked on two major reports for clients ukactive and the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC). Read more …

The power of celebrity endorsements

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Celebrity endorsements are the talk of the election. Forget normal people for a second, what gives political parties real colour and the ability to reach wider channels are the famous guys.

But do they work? In 1996, Mark N. Hertzendorf put celebrity endorsements to the test using ‘Game Theory’, in a paper written for the Federal Trade Commission (!), and what he found was rather interesting.

It had previously been the view that the most sensible way of spending money on advertising was by getting lots and lots of adverts out in public to ensure that it would be seen by the greatest number of people. But according to Hertzendorf this isn’t so sensible after all. Read more …

Do philanthropists need to improve their PR?

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Should philanthropists be allowed to support development however they see fit, or should their altruism be under greater scrutiny?

That was the central theme of a panel discussion at UCL on Monday evening.

The event focused on the ethics of global philanthropy and saw Clare Matterson, Director of Strategy at the Wellcome Trust and Andre Heller Perache of Medicins sans Frontiers (MSF) engage in a lively debate with Professor Rob Reich, Associate Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and a leading authority in the field. Read more …

Jeremy Hunt needs a lesson in PR

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Yesterday the Health Service Journal exclusively “revealed” that a leading report has called for NHS board members to be paid up £1m in bonuses. Anyone quicker than me at spotting anagrams will guess the nature of the article on April 1st by the new author Alf Poorli.

I hold my hands up. It fooled me (I had to re-edit this part for a start). But the best April Fools’ are the most believable.

What the HSJ has done very cleverly, though, is produce a joke that seems almost believable in a world where nothing is shocking anymore. It’s also very clever because of the controversy of the report it quotes from. As many will know, there have been a lot of guessing games about what will feature in the Lord Rose report on NHS management, and lots of questions asking why the Department of Health has yet to publish it. Read more …

Positive PR for whistleblowers can help solve NHS recruitment woes

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Chair of the Health Select Committee, Dr Sarah Wollaston MP spoke passionately about the importance of empowering professionals with the ability to share their opinions during last night’s Health Chat with Roy Lilley at the King’s Fund.

Read more …

Queen Square Imaging Centre

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Incorporating two centres, the Queen Square Imaging Centre and the Heart Hospital Imaging Centre, QS Imaging is a private health care provider that gifts all profits back to University College London Hospital.

We are working with Queen Square Imaging Centre on a long-term marketing proposal to improve their referral rates within the private sector. We are initially carrying out a detailed piece of market analysis to inform a strategic plan that will lead our approach to improving QS Imaging’s communications with their key-stakeholders.

Top 3 most transparent PR stunts

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When well executed, publicity stunts are a great way to create excitement around your brand and show that you can do something fun as well. They can be feats of creative genius that engage the public and add a little colour to the news cycle.

From FHM projecting a naked Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament to Prince changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol, the PR industry has found some truly ingenious ways to get people talking.

However, PR teams have occasionally strayed from headline-grabbing creativity towards sheer fabrication and are rightly exposed by the media outlets they are trying to court. Here’s my list of the top three not-so-subtle stunts that test the old adage that ‘all publicity is good publicity’.

Read more …

PR Opportunities in the age of digital media

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The decline of print media continues with the closure of the print edition of Community Care, the long-running trade publication for social workers, which will move all its content online after 24 November.

This follows the closure of Computer Weekly’s print edition, which also went online-only earlier this year following the sale of the brand from Reed Business Information to TechTarget. Read more …