Patient Opinion

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Patient Opinion is a not for profit organisation that works as an independent feedback platform for health services run for the benefit of patients and staff.

We are working with Patient Opinion to coordinate all their Public Relations activities and support their efforts in encouraging more patients to go online, give feedback and help make health services better.

Journalista scoops a leading industry award!

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Journalista is excited to announce our success in the 2011 PRCA Awards where we walked away with the trophy for Evaluation.

The category, which was introduced this year, focuses above and beyond the standard industry points of measuring success, with the aim of recognising the overall positive impacts of a campaign.

In order to succeed, a project has to demonstrate ‘that a PR team and its campaign are making a significant contribution to the organisation’ with an emphasis ‘on outcomes rather than outputs such as measures that result in an improvement in customer satisfaction, brand awareness or reputation, an uplift in sales, participation in a campaign or enquiries about a product or service’. Read more …

Push to make Patient Opinion a national authority

By Nathan Motton on August 10, 2011 | Category: Case Studies | Tags: , , , , , | No Comments

Click below to learn how Journalista has utilised ongoing discussion about NHS services, by establishing Patient Opinion as a national authority on patient experience.

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Muslim converts and patients’ opinions – a month in reports

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A hectic January here at Journalista Towers, but one of our most successful months securing coverage for clients.

Our big story of the month was Faith Matters’ report into Muslim conversion in the UK. A Minority Within a Minority is the most comprehensive study of converts carried out in this country. It provides fascinating new insight into the size of the convert population, how they go about finding information and how they perceive their role in British society.

Picked up by broadsheets, regional papers, radio, TV and the blogosphere, the story achieved a reach of over 62 million people, a figure almost identical to the population of the UK.

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