The Australian media’s insular and self-indulgent reporting is damaging the country

By Nathan Motton on August 5, 2011 | Category: Blog | Tags: , , , | No Comments

By definition the word media refers to the main means of mass communication. And while the very essence of communication has changed significantly over the past decade, the word ‘main’ is interesting. Is our ‘main’ access to news providing all that we the consumer demand? Or are we being shortchanged by a self-indulgent, inward looking fourth estate?

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Hack Attack

By Oscar Holland on July 18, 2011 | Category: Blog | Tags: , , , , , , , | 2 Comments

As we enter the third week of the News International’s domination of the nation’s front pages I find myself reaching an unprecedented level of media saturation.

At this stage I should insert the disclaimer that of course phone hacking is a completely abhorrent practice, police corruption must be fully investigated and Murdoch’s grip on the British media should be the subject of a thorough national debate. This is a gravely serious matter. But in the meantime, the worst droughts in a generation struck East Africa and Southern Cross left 31,000 care home residents in the lurch.

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