How are political parties promising to take healthcare into the 21st century?

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Sometimes what isn’t said is as important as what is. Many of us political geeks have had time to absorb the messages contained in the party manifestos and we know that in order to really get an idea of what’s being said, we must do more than just read between the lines.

Back in 2002 the NHS was gifted the National Programme for IT, launched and deployed in order to revolutionise the way in which the health system used information technology. The ambition for it was impressive – with costs to match.

According to the National Audit Office the estimated total cost of the NPfIT has changed since a 2011 report from £11.4bn to £9.8bn which took into account the number of system implementations. Some have called it a vanity project; what has resulted is big IT projects are a political no-go area, but haven’t necessarily resulted in a start-up revolution in digital contracts within the NHS. Read more …

Holly Sutton MCIPR

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With a career spanning several NHS organisations, health trade unions, public policy think-tanks, political journalism and the European Parliament,  Holly has an in depth knowledge of her clients’ industries and networks.

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Healthcare for South West London

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Healthcare Hotwire HTML newsletter

Healthcare Hotwire HTML newsletter

  • Healthcare Hotwire HTML newsletter

Healthcare for South West London commissioned Journalista to create and launch a digital strategy to engage local people and clinicians; manage crisis communications; provide media relations services and carry out a series of advanced media training sessions for all the medical directors and leading GPs working across South West London.

This week’s media round up

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A war of words erupted between Westminster and Holyrood this week with the battle lines being drawn over a referendum on Scottish independence. Having already agreed on the principle of holding a vote, the debate was focused on many of the key details and terms behind it.

Timing has emerged as a major sticking point with the coalition government looking for a decision to be reached within 18 months. This contrasts the SNP who are focused on an Autumn 2014 vote, a date that happens to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn – a historic Scottish victory.

Mitt Romney took another step forward in securing the Republican Party’s nomination after winning the New Hampshire primary by a comfortable margin and joining an elite group of candidates to win their first two contests not as an incumbent. His victory speech took the tone of a man challenging the White House rather than his own party rivals, indicative of his commanding position in the contest.

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Dr Foster challenges the board: Are you a ‘new’ commissioner?

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Journalista was kindly invited by the healthcare data improvement organisation, Dr Foster, to attend the launch of its fifth Intelligent Board series.

25 years since purchasing commissioners were brought in, this report focused on how commissioners can step up with better information and clinical involvement to drive the ‘Nicholson challenge’. This is NHS Chief Executive, Sir David Nicholson’s announcement that the NHS must make an efficency gain of 4% per annum.

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Push to make Patient Opinion a national authority

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Click below to learn how Journalista has utilised ongoing discussion about NHS services, by establishing Patient Opinion as a national authority on patient experience.

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Muslim converts and patients’ opinions – a month in reports

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A hectic January here at Journalista Towers, but one of our most successful months securing coverage for clients.

Our big story of the month was Faith Matters’ report into Muslim conversion in the UK. A Minority Within a Minority is the most comprehensive study of converts carried out in this country. It provides fascinating new insight into the size of the convert population, how they go about finding information and how they perceive their role in British society.

Picked up by broadsheets, regional papers, radio, TV and the blogosphere, the story achieved a reach of over 62 million people, a figure almost identical to the population of the UK.

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Sexual health campaign for NHS Brent

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We’re working with NHS Brent to improve local people’s sexual health.

Combining our specialist knowledge of the health sector and understanding of local communities we’ve created, and are now implementing, a wide-ranging communications, media and engagement strategy.

As part of this strategy we’ve designed and created a website, a series of leaflets and posters, an HTML emailer targeted at all stakeholders, and filmed and published a series of videos with relevant staff, patients and stakeholders.

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