This week’s media round up

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Public pressure mounted on RBS CEO Stephen Hester and the decision by the bank’s board to award him a £1m bonus on Thursday.

After a wave of negative sentiment, and facing the prospect of a Commons vote, about him receiving 3.6 million of the bank’s shares he bowed to pressure and relinquished his bonus.

David Cameron bolstered his Air Miles account with his journey to another economic summit, this time in Davos, tasked with stimulating growth and ensuring global stability.

During his address to the World Economic Forum the prime minister emphasised the need for Europe to be ‘bolder’ in order move away from its economic troubles. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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The ongoing saga of the Costa Concordia capsize rolled over from last week with much of the media attention shifting towards the vessel’s captain, Francesco Schettino, who found himself in hot water over a number claims relating his questionable conduct during the disaster.

Currently under house arrest, the captain has been accused of leaving the vessel before its evacuation was complete and has been labelled with the title of “Captain Coward” by many outlets. His reputation was further dented by the release of a radio conversation between him and the coastguard, during which he was ordered to get back onto the ship with the words “vada a bordo, cazzo” which opened the floodgates to a range of parodies and related memorabilia. Read more …