This week’s media round up

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A row over calendars erupted as the legal team behind Abu Qatada launched a last-minute appeal to the European court of human rights over the decision to deport their client to Jordan.

The debate arose after home secretary, Theresa May, announced that the deadline to contest the decision had passed on Monday whilst Qatada’s lawyers argued that it had in fact expired on Tuesday.

As the week progressed, global attention switched to Bahrain and the controversial Formula One grand prix scheduled to take place in the island state. A number of commentators including Labour leader, Ed Miliband, voiced the view that the race should be cancelled in light of ongoing anti-government protests responsible for the cancellation of the 2011 race. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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David Cameron became the first western leader to visit Burma since Aung San Suu Kyi’s success in parliamentary by-elections in the country. The prime minister described the Burmese pro-democracy campaigner’s efforts as inspirational and used the opportunity to urge the international community to suspend sanctions against the country. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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An invitation to hold talks to prevent industrial action by tanker drivers was enough to spark a frantic chain reaction.

Following the initial announcement by conciliation service Acas, government minster Francis Maude fuelled further concern about shortages advising the public to top up their cars and consider storing petrol in jerry cans at home.

Worries about a shortage became a self-fulfilling prophecy as thousands of motorists queued to bolster their personal supplies.

In Bradford both the media and the mainstream political parties were taken by surprise by George Galloway’s shock win a by-election in the west of the city. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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The debate over unpaid jobs continued this week with a large number of businesses withdrawing from the Government’s ‘workfare’ scheme amid growing discontent from the general public.

Chair of A4e Emma Harrison stood down after her company, administrators of a number of Government employment and training programmes, became subject of a police investigation into suspected financial irregularities.

Elsewhere the conflict in Syria rumbled on and Rupert Murdoch’s the Sun launched its first Sunday edition which managed to sell over three million copies in its first run.

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This week’s media round up

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President Bashar al-Assad was under pressure as the death toll continued to rise in the city of Homs, subject of bombardment by Syrian national forces. Many commentators and activists have complained of widespread inaction following Russia and China’s veto of a UN resolution aimed at halting the conflict.

Thursday played host to a sporting double header beginning with the conclusion of the dramatic tax evasion trial of Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandarić at Southwark Crown Court. After a 13 day trial the two men were cleared by the 12 person jury of all the charges. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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The mysterious Honours Forfeiture Committee made an unlikely foray into the public sphere following its decision to revoke the knighthood bestowed upon Fred Goodwin.

His award for services to banking was rescinded in response to his role in the demise of RBS and its subsequent part-nationalisation.

Another RBS banker – current CEO Stephen Hester -  continued to make the headlines with the story about his curbed bonus rolling over from last week.

But in a photo finish in the race for lead story of the week, the news of John Terry losing the captaincy of the national side edged ahead by a single article. The Football Association’s decision to strip Terry of the armband followed the announcement of a July trial where he faces charges of racially abusing QPR’s Anton Ferdinand

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This week’s media round up

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Public pressure mounted on RBS CEO Stephen Hester and the decision by the bank’s board to award him a £1m bonus on Thursday.

After a wave of negative sentiment, and facing the prospect of a Commons vote, about him receiving 3.6 million of the bank’s shares he bowed to pressure and relinquished his bonus.

David Cameron bolstered his Air Miles account with his journey to another economic summit, this time in Davos, tasked with stimulating growth and ensuring global stability.

During his address to the World Economic Forum the prime minister emphasised the need for Europe to be ‘bolder’ in order move away from its economic troubles. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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The ongoing saga of the Costa Concordia capsize rolled over from last week with much of the media attention shifting towards the vessel’s captain, Francesco Schettino, who found himself in hot water over a number claims relating his questionable conduct during the disaster.

Currently under house arrest, the captain has been accused of leaving the vessel before its evacuation was complete and has been labelled with the title of “Captain Coward” by many outlets. His reputation was further dented by the release of a radio conversation between him and the coastguard, during which he was ordered to get back onto the ship with the words “vada a bordo, cazzo” which opened the floodgates to a range of parodies and related memorabilia. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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A war of words erupted between Westminster and Holyrood this week with the battle lines being drawn over a referendum on Scottish independence. Having already agreed on the principle of holding a vote, the debate was focused on many of the key details and terms behind it.

Timing has emerged as a major sticking point with the coalition government looking for a decision to be reached within 18 months. This contrasts the SNP who are focused on an Autumn 2014 vote, a date that happens to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn – a historic Scottish victory.

Mitt Romney took another step forward in securing the Republican Party’s nomination after winning the New Hampshire primary by a comfortable margin and joining an elite group of candidates to win their first two contests not as an incumbent. His victory speech took the tone of a man challenging the White House rather than his own party rivals, indicative of his commanding position in the contest.

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This week’s media round up

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Convictions, concern and controversy lead the way this week with much of the press’ focus on Gary Dobson and David Norris being found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993.

Internationally, concern continued to grow about the safety of medical implants made by the French firm Poly Implant Prothèse. The issue was lead in the UK with a debate over who would be responsible for the removal silicone implants. Many representatives from the private sector, responsible for 95 per cent of the affected procedures, asserted that the responsibility for resolving any subsequent medical issues relating to the implants did not lay at their door.

In the US, the race to become the Republican Party’s presidential candidate began in earnest this week with the Iowa caucuses. These concluded with the former governor for Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, emerging victorious by a margin of only eight votes. Despite this narrow result Romney is widely expected to win the overall nomination to face the incumbent, Barack Obama, on November 6th. Read more …