This week’s media round up

By Daniel Saunders on November 30, 2011 | Category: Blog | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | No Comments

Testimonies from the first witnesses to appear in the Leveson Inquiry stole last week’s media show with the large number of stories being fuelled by the diverse range of individuals involved in proceedings at the High Court. Notable examples include the coverage of Hugh John Mungo Grant, Bob and Sally Dowler and Carine Patry Hoskins, a lawyer in the inquiry who was the subject of the somewhat sexist twitter hashtag #womanontheleft during Mr Grant’s questioning. Journalista wonders whether a male lawyer might have been afforded the same humiliating treatment.

Elsewhere, coverage of the violent Tahir Square protests was up 440% in the build up to nationwide elections in Egypt and a report into the conduct of the England Rugby World Cup squad is leaked.

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