Joanne Whitehead


Experienced in working with organisations of all shapes and sizes, Joanne is a forward-thinking Operations Manager who constantly asks the question “how can we make this process easier?”

Joanne is enthusiastic for putting systems in place that help rather than hinder. Along with a sunny disposition, her attention to detail and willingness to help ensures that anything involving human resources will be looked after with the utmost care.

Favourite journalist: I’m a big fan of reading news online and tend to follow news websites rather than any particular journalist.  The BBC is probably my staple go-to resource. I’ve also lately been reading the Huffington Post and so far so good.

Story that changed the way I think: When Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008 I saw for the first time how delicate our financial systems are; in the end it all comes down to trust. It was proven again when Northern Rock collapsed, as soon as we the public lost trust the business couldn’t survive.

Media I consume most regularly: Due to the speed in which technology changes I read a lot of techie blogs. I love reading about what other businesses are doing to be more effective in the way they operate.

Why I’m a Journalista: It’s exciting to be part of a fast growing company. Individually the people are great talents; however put them together and they make a brilliant team, (though we do need to sharpen up our pub quiz general knowledge!)

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