The very best communicators spend a vast amount of time listening and learning.

We take the time to ensure we understand your needs and objectives. Then having listened carefully to the voices of the people you want to communicate with, we use our expertise to convey your messages in the clearest and most engaging way.

By gaining the endorsement of your advocates your messages will become a credible and meaningful source of information. We want you to become the “go to” company when an expert opinion is needed in your industry.

Every client is different, but most recently we’ve communicated our clients’ stories through:

  • Listening to and talking with our well-established media network
  • Creating debates and placing our clients at the centre of them
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Setting up and enabling community and industry networks
  • Lobbying government at local and national levels
  • Social media (Video News Releases [VNRs], creating Facebook groups, creating and sharing video virals)

We’re also experts in undertaking:

  • The creation interactive websites
  • Traditional media outreach (securing exclusives in national broadsheets, placing features, interviews and comment pieces, press releases)
  • Creating bespoke brochures, leaflets, posters and books
  • On and offline polling and market research
  • Local, national and international petitions
  • HTML newsletters

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