Media, Monitoring and Response Project for Ealing

Media, Monitoring and Response Project for Ealing

A pioneering programme facilitating dialogue between Muslim and Sikh residents in Ealing, West London, one of the most religiously diverse areas of the country.

We’re supporting Faith Matters to foster new links by creating strong confident spokespeople from both faith communities through a mixture of media training, reportage photography, video journalism and a strong program of media engagement work.

The programme will help to build understanding, resolve local interfaith tensions, and identify and prevent potential flash points.

By March 2012 we intend to leave the group as a self-sustaining body, capable of solving grassroots issues locally.

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  1. 14 Aug, 2011 at 2:13 am

    I was listening to BBC Radio London this evening and it was heartwarming to hear how the Sikhs were protecting their temple from the rioters on monday and then protected the local mosque when prayers were on. And how the Muslims then protected their temple while the Sikhs were praying inside of it. Whoever is facilitating this it is fantastic to hear. Congratulations. Many could learn from this.

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