Dr Foster Intelligence

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Dr Foster Intelligence is the leading provider of healthcare information solutions in the UK and increasingly worldwide.

It believes that the intelligent use of information can make the NHS safer, more efficient and transparent ultimately improving overall standards. This is achieved through a range of innovative products and services that healthcare providers to monitor the quality and efficiency of their services.

We are working with Dr Foster to help develop awareness of their work, publicise their research and help them achieve their overall goal of turning data into insight.

How to handle a crisis

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This past few weeks have played host to a number of high profile technology failures with major issues affecting banks in the RBS group and more recently with the nationwide failure of the O2 phone network.

Whilst the banks’ responses to their crises were admirable – opening branches on weekends and vowing to cover any financial losses incurred as a result of their failure – it has been completely eclipsed by the efforts of O2 and its social media team. Read more …

South Australia

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We are working with the Government of South Australia to lead a wholesale review of its consumer public relations activities aimed at attracting high-calibre migrants and students to the state.

Blue Ventures

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Blue Ventures is an award winning social enterprise that runs highly acclaimed conservation programmes in some of the world’s poorest coastal communities.

We are working with Blue Ventures to help promote their work with the wider aim of recruiting new volunteers, find conservation partners and source support for future projects.

Car crash interviews

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Newsnight is more known for reporting the news than making it but, thanks to Paxman’s notorious interview techniques, it has a habit of making headlines of its own. Tuesday’s edition was looking like another run-of-the-mill round up of the day’s news until Chloe Smith, economic secretary to the treasury and the government’s youngest minister, stepped up to the table (from 6 mins 10 secs).
Read more …

Battle of the hashtags

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One of the central features of Twitter is its ability to detect trends through #hashtags. Once the preserve of protesters and campaigners, hashtags were seen as an opportunity to join the global conversation that communications professionals couldn’t resist.

This eagerness was responsible for some very public examples of what not to do as companies’ attempts to seize the initiative resulted in embarrassing own goals. In one notable case in 2009 tags used by Iranian pro-democracy campaigners were ‘piggy-backed’ by the furniture store Habitat to promote a sales promotion. This serious breach of hashtag etiquette resulted in widespread condemnation and served as a valuable warning of the pitfalls that issue-hijacking can present. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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Manchester turned blue on Sunday after City secured their first top-flight league title since 1968 after scoring two goals in stoppage time to edge out United on goal difference, the closest finish for 23 years.

The Leveson Inquiry moved into its third stage with former News International employees Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson presenting evidence. Part of Brooks’ testimony focused on conversations between herself and David Cameron which lead to the amusing revelation that the prime minister believed that ‘LOL’ meant lots of love rather than laugh out loud.

The State Opening of Parliament and this year’s Queen’s speech led the headlines with plans to reform the House of Lords standing out from the Government’s proposals. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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Elections dominated this week’s headlines with major votes taking place in France and the UK. Across the channel, the last days of campaigning in the French presidential election concluded with François Hollande emerging the victor with 51.63 per cent of the vote.

Closer to home, local elections across the the UK saw a swing of political momentum. The Labour party managed to scoop 823 new seats but missed out in the key race of the London mayorship. After a close first round vote, Boris Johnson secured another four-year term at City Hall, defeating his rival Ken Livingstone by a narrow margin of 62,538 votes. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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A row over calendars erupted as the legal team behind Abu Qatada launched a last-minute appeal to the European court of human rights over the decision to deport their client to Jordan.

The debate arose after home secretary, Theresa May, announced that the deadline to contest the decision had passed on Monday whilst Qatada’s lawyers argued that it had in fact expired on Tuesday.

As the week progressed, global attention switched to Bahrain and the controversial Formula One grand prix scheduled to take place in the island state. A number of commentators including Labour leader, Ed Miliband, voiced the view that the race should be cancelled in light of ongoing anti-government protests responsible for the cancellation of the 2011 race. Read more …

This week’s media round up

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David Cameron became the first western leader to visit Burma since Aung San Suu Kyi’s success in parliamentary by-elections in the country. The prime minister described the Burmese pro-democracy campaigner’s efforts as inspirational and used the opportunity to urge the international community to suspend sanctions against the country. Read more …