Our approach

Journalista - About us

We listen to you, to ensure the true essence of your story is being shared with the people you want to engage. Be that the media or other important internal and external stakeholders.

We work across all sectors but have specialised in health, social care, public sector, academic and charitable organisations.

As highly responsible and professionally qualified journalists we can provide you with the strategic advice and hands-on support you need to engage your audiences with your message, product or brand.

We can advise you in all aspects of stakeholder relationship management and we put advocacy at the heart of all strategic planning. We work with all major broadcast, print and online media, including and recently, the BBC, Health Service Journal, Daily Mail, Regeneration & Renewal and SKY.

Working closely with our clients we make sure that your messages penetrate the media, digital platforms and into people’s conversations, hearts and minds.

We want to share your story, tell your news and engage your audiences. So call the Journalista office and talk to us today: 0207 2324 670